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If you've been to a show in the last 6 months or so, you've probably noticed that we've been playing 2 songs that aren't on Seven Steps. We've had a quite a few people ask us when those are going to be released. I don't have an exact date, HOWEVER, I will say this: We started recording on them today! In an effort to release more music more often, we've decided that when these are done, they'll be released as singles instead of waiting for a full album release. This way we can record and release songs much more frequently, hopefully accompanied by some video clips and other things. The goal is simple; more cool things more often. What are some things you'd like to see? Studio videos? Us screwing around at practice? Want to see other hidden talents? A weird cover song? Tom doing cartwheels? New merch (keychains, new shirts, coffee mugs, lucky underpants)? Gear rundowns? Make your suggestions in the comments!
New tshirts available online only! Through the month of April you can get one of our online exclusive shirts. Deadline to pick this up is April 30. Please note all product will not ship out until that date.
Hello everybody! UPDATE TIME!

As many of you know, we played with Five Finger Death Punch this summer and it was amazing! A lot of cool stuff came out of that show, including Ivan Moody raving about Seven Steps! We received a ton of help from the sound crew, Zoltan Bathory's guitar tech, and from FFDP themselves, so the last few months have been spent really getting our stuff together to focus on the band. What kind of stuff? I'm glad you asked.

First up, we invested into road-ready cases for all of our equipment and a trailer. Stu totally kicks ass at building stuff, so he built a few custom cases, mounted some really cool metal strap locks inside the trailer, and did pretty much everything that got us ready for the road. We played a couple road gigs to test our system out and it works amazingly.

We've put together a monitor rack with a built in split and everybody has in ear monitors now. This allows us to pull into literally any venue, take a split off their snake, and be 100% in control of our own monitors. It might not sound like much, but it's huge for us. We've been getting a lot of compliments on this and sound guys love it.

Next step is to bring our show to the next level with full light production. Tom's spent a huge number of hours researching, buying, and programming the light show and it's looking great! Everything is being designed to fit inside a few custom rack cases, again built by Stu, so that, just like our monitor rack, we can setup at any venue and have a repeatable, dazzling production. Yes dazzling. It dazzles.

Last but not least, we're currently in a contest sponsored by Converse and Guitar Center called "Get out of the garage" at Out of 8141 channels, we're #7! There are three days left and the winner is picked from a panel of judges. Thank you everybody that shared, listened, and commented on our channel to get us this far! The winner will be invited to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live in Brooklyn. Believe me when I say, WE ARE READY!

We have been approved to open up for Five Finger Death Punch at the Red River Valley Fair on July 12! Thanks for your continued support and see you at the fair!
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